Michelin Star Mania

This month there are no fewer than 10 chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants visiting Bangkok. I'm doing a piece on this for ThaiDay and have been fortunate enough to taste the food of, and meet a few of these guys: Jacques and Lourent Pourcel, Gerald Passedat, Pierre Gagnaire, and David Thompson. This being RealThai, the most interesting of these for me was obviously meeting David Thompson, chef of Nahm, the only Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in existence, and the author of the big, fat book Thai Food. Mr Thompson was lovely, as well as extremely knowledgable about Thai food, and we spent a pleasant hour mostly talking about regional Thai dishes. Mr. Thompson also offered some invaluable advice for those of you trying your best to make your name known in the restaurant world and earn that elusive Michelin star: sleep with the reviewer.