Me, In Swedish

A few months ago Swedish food journalist, food historian, editor, author and blogger (!) Göran Lager paid a visit to Bangkok. While here he interviewed me for the Swedish radio food program, Meny. I was honored to be involved in this, and we had a great time eating and talking about som tam. However I hate listening to my own voice, and the thought of my own voice stumbling over a language I haven't spoken in 10 years, well... Anyway, to hear the program go the this page and click the speaker symbol near the phrase "torsdag 1 mars 2007". Apparently our bit is towards the end. If you can't understand a thing, consider yourself lucky. (And let me know how it went.)

(15 minutes later: OK, I couldn't resist and listened to it, and other than a few cop outs into English, it wasn't that bad. Göran is an amazing editor, apparently.)