The Magical World of Thai Baked Goods

The photo below is a response to this thread at eGullet concerning Thai bread. Bread is not, of course, a staple food for Thai people, but it is very popular nonetheless. Normally the Thais are brilliant at taking foods from other cultures and integrating them into their own cuisine in delicious ways, but with bread, something went wrong. Very wrong. This wrong (WARNING. The following contains graphic images of disgusting bread!):

The bread above was labelled as Deluxe Floss (heh heh) and was purchased at the brand new Siam Paragon branch of Bread Talk (heh heh). Floss refers to the topping of sweet, golden fluffy strands of pork (heh heh), and is a very popular topping for Thai baked goods. I'm not sure where they got this idea. One imagines they should probably abandon it. The bread, as with the majority of its genre, is so soft it makes Wonder Bread look like a pain poilane and it is painfully sweet with a disturbing oily sheen.

I think Deluxe Floss is a good place to our journey through the Magical World of Thai Baked Goods, and in future installments I will touch on the use of cheap hot dogs, sweetened condensed milk, and mayonaise.