Lung Roen

IMG_0654 Unfortunately Laap Phrae’s time in my personal restaurant limelight didn’t last very long. Only a couple days after eating there, I decided to hit up an open-air laap place at the outskirts of town.

I now have a new favourite laap restaurant in Mae Hong Son.

Lung Roeng does northern-style laap just as I like it: finely minced, relatively dry, lots of dried spice flavour and spicy.

They also serve grilled dishes, meat-based soups and som tam. In addition to beef laap (shown above), I also ordered tam som oh, a classic northern Thai dish combines pomelo, a black paste made from field crabs, slices of lemongrass and eggplant.

If this alone isn’t reason enough to make the trip, across the street is a woman selling the spectrum of local Thai Yai-style deep-fried snacks:


Including khang pong (strips of green papaya battered and deep-fried), thua phoo thawt (deep-fried tofu), and thua phoo lueang thawt (chickpea flour fritters).

Lung Roen Off Th Pracha Seksan, Mae Hong Son 085 723 991 10am-6pm Mon-Sat

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