Lert Ros Alacarte

IMG_0050 Inspired by a piece in the recent Food issue of Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, I recently had lunch at a nearby, but previously un-visited restaurant, Lert Ros Alacarte.

I ordered one of their set lunches, which included kaeng karii neua, a Chinese-style curry, a bowl of mild beef soup, and a glass of Coke (all for 125B, less than US$5). The beef in the curry was super tender and almost corned beef-like in texture and appearance, and the curry included a wedge of potato and was served with a spicy/sour dipping sauce. The soup, which turned out -- not surprisingly -- to be beef overload, was nonetheless good, and held a slightly sweet flavour, Chinese-style herbs and spices and tender tongue.

The food was solid, but I must admit that was almost more charmed by the old-school, diner-like atmosphere; think padded booths and lots of old furniture. The menu was equally old school and included dishes such as stewed beef tongue and fried rice with tamarind and shrimp. Am definitely looking forward to more meals at Lert Ros Alacarte.

As an aside, I'll be doing some travelling in some remote, predominately Internet-free areas for the next month and don't expect to be blogging. See you again in late October!

Lert Ros Alacarte 74-74/1 Soi 4, Th Silom, Bangkok 02 234 3754 10am-9pm Mon-Sat

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