For dinner tonight we visted Koyi, a popular open-airish restaurant near my house. This restaurant is a bit unusual in that it only serves a few different dishes, mostly an odd mixture of somewhat traditional Chinese and Thai dishes. Here's the entire menu:


I ordered khao phat poo, fried rice with crab:


Delicious. They fry the rice in a wok over a large flame, which gives it a slightly smoky flavor. The whole dish consists of just rice, crab, eggs and perhaps a splash of fish sauce, and is served with sides of sliced cucumber, green onions and a slice of lime to squeeze over it.

Khuat ordered kaphoh plaa:


The name of this dish translates as "fish stomach", which oddly enough, some people consider food. The dried fish stomach is suspended in a thick sweet broth topped with crab meat and a quail egg. Bizarre. Never really been a fan of the stuff.

Needing a bit more I ordered green curry with grilled pork served with khanom jeen, fermented rice noodles, instead of the usual rice:


Pretty good, but a bit too meaty and sweety for my taste. Like the green color though.