Kai Yaang Sut Jai

Another day, another isaan (NE Thai-style) restaurant. This particular bad boy is located in the Or Tor Kor Market compound and is known for its kai yaang (grilled chicken), as the name suggests. We consumed this dish, but the shop was dark and the pic was crap, so I've decided not to include it here.

Other things we ate were tom saeb:

This is a sour/spicy soup popular in the NE of Thailand. "Saep" means spicy and sour at the same time, and this soup was deliciously tart. This one was based on tender pork joints, and had the unsual addition of lettuce and chinese celery in the broth.

We followed this with tam sua:

This is an isaan-style som tam, or papaya salad, with the addition of fermented rice noodles. The black bits are pickled field crabs; they are crushed up with the papaya in the mortar and pestle used to make the dish and are a very common ingredient, added more for flavor than anything else.

For the kid we ordered tam poo:

This is a milder, central-style papaya salad with crab and cashews. We told them to make it palatable for a kid, not spicy, and the result was sweet enough to be a dessert. I couldn't eat it but Nong Paeng liked it.

This is her demonstrating the proper way to eat sticky rice, ie., with the fingers:

One more thing worth mentioning about this place it's also probably the loudest restaurant I've ever eaten at. The staff are terribly unorganized and compensate by screaming orders at each other. It's really quite unbelievable, both in terms of volume and also in terms of what people are willing to subject themselves to in order to eat good food!