Jek Pui

_DSC9499.jpg Exploring Chinatown with Khun Suthon last week I was pointed in the direction of a curious streetside curry shop with no tables. As illustrated above (take a look at the guy in the white shirt), diners sit at tiny plastic chairs, holding a plate of rice and curry in one hand while they eat with the other. We didn't have time to visit the shop that day, but I was back in the area again and made a point of stopping by.


As you can see above, things were a bit more "busy" this time. Fortunately for me the line was made up of those wanting to buy curry to take home. I wanted the entire table-less dining experience, and squeezed my way into the only free stool. A very loud gentleman shouted at me to order, and I timidly asked for a plate of green curry with fish balls over rice. In the meantime I was given a cup of weak iced tea, which the other diners and I put on an unoccupied stool. A moment later I was served, and like the others around me:


raised my plate and dug in.

After a few minutes I realized that I was virtually the only one who ordered green curry. All the others had ordered kaeng karii, literally "curry", a Chinese take on the Indian-Thai-Anglo dish. This was served over rice with sliced phrik chii faa chilies and slices of the deep-fried Chinese sausage, kun chiang. My green curry was pretty good--a bit bland perhaps, but with excellent homemade fish balls--but the kaeng karii looked pretty amazing, especially with all those unusual toppings. Unfortunately I had some more eating to do that day and couldn't risk a second dish. Next time though...

Jek Pui Curry Shop Corner of Thanon Mangkorn and Charoen Krung 4pm-9pm