Gratuitous khao soi image #6

 A bowl of khao soi at Khao Soi Saeng Phian, Phayao Phayao, a small town that most Thais aren’t even aware exists, turned about to be one of the more pleasant destinations of my trip. The town’s setting at the edge of a vast swamp is a lot more interesting than it sounds, and the city also had some very tasty food

The khao soi at Phayao’s Khao Soi Saeng Phian was both rich in flavour and vast in size. I generally don’t like big bowls of khao soi – it’s so much more fun and satisfying to eat two small bowls (which is generally how the dish is served in Chiang Mai) than one large one – but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The broth was tasty and they employed good quality pickled mustard cabbage. And better yet, for those of us who like northern-style noodles, there were at least four other places within a block radius serving khao soi, khanom jeen nam ngiaw, or both.

Khao Soi Saeng Phian Th Tha Kwan, Phayao 9am-3pm

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