Gratuitous khao soi image #5

Khao soi at a restaurant in Nan, Thailand This bowl of chicken khao soi was downed in the lovely city of Nan. The restaurant is located about a two-minute walk from Wat Phumin, my favourite Buddhist temple in Thailand. Wat Phumin's Buddhist murals, executed by a Thai Lue artist called Thit Buaphan in the late 19th century, are exquisite; this bowl of khao soi was merely acceptable. Sweet was the dominating flavour, if I remember correctly, although the dab of plain coconut cream was a welcome aesthetic flourish.

The sign out front simply reads 'Khao Soi' and is located next door to a bakery/cafe called Hot Bread.

Khao Soi/Hot Bread 38/1-2 Th Suriyaphong, Nan 089 635 9375 7am-4pm

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