Foo Mui Kee


I had first read about Foo Mui Kee in a review in the Bangkok Post several years back. I forgot to make note of where the restaurant was, and after a while, forgot about it entirely. On a recent day I was only a block away from the English language library I visit frequently when I stumbled upon the restaurant. Upon entering and sitting down at one of the old-school wooden booths, I noticed that on every table sat a bottle of not fish sauce, but rather Worcestershire sauce:


and was reminded that Foo Mui Kee is known for its Chinese takes on English/Continental dishes. The menu confirmed this, with dishes such as pork chop, oxtail soup, and beef fillet salad. I decided on one of the recommended dishes, ox-tongue stew:


The ox-tongue, cooked in a tomato-based gravy, was tasty and very tender, and was coupled with potatoes, tinned peas and a plate of rice. The dish reminded me of a meal a Chinese cook would have made his English employers in Hong Kong back in 1942. It was not particularly inspiring, but good, and I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and touches such as the complimentary chilled towel to wipe up after the meal. The women working there told me the restaurant was 80 years old, and I found it fun to take part in something that's been around for so long. I'll certainly be back.

Foo Mui Kee
10-12 Soi Prachoom (Soi 22)
02 234 6648