Edsbacka Krog

One of the highlights of my trip to Sweden was a visit to the country's most acclaimed restaurant, the two-star Edsbacka Krog. Ironically, the restaurant is located a short walk away from where I lived as an exchange student in the town of Sollentuna, although I was blissfully unaware of it at the time (my culinary interests during the period focused mostly around kebab). My dining companion, Göran Lager, who I've mentioned here several times previously, is friends with the restaurant's well-known chef, Christer Lingström, and as I was also working on an article, we were treated very well.

We chose the avsmakningsmeny, the tasting menu, a eight-course extravaganza of taste that began with the following trio of Creamed parsnip with strawberry jelly, fish broth with basil foam, and asparagus soup with crispy pork:


Unusual combinations that worked together very well, as Göran's expression suggests:


The remaining seven courses included exotic ingredients such as pigeon and sea buckthorn, indigenous ingredients such as ramslök (kind of onion) and gooseberries, and challenging combinations such as marinated hälleflundra (type of fish) with a vanilla-lemon foam. I'm planning on printing some of the photos later, so I'd rather not run any here before they've had a chance to run. It was an amazing experience, and by far the best food-wine pairing I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Highly recommended--if you can afford it!

Edsbacka Krog
Sollentunavägen 220
+46 (0)8-96 33 00