Coming soon

photo This certainly isn't breaking news at this point, but David Thompson, the Michelin-starred chef of London's nahm, is opening an outlet here in Bangkok. The restaurant, also set to be called nahm, will be located in the Metropolitan Hotel, and is expected to open near the end of the month.

I've been to a couple test run dinners over the last few weeks and on both occasions was thoroughly blown away. The dinner pictured above was probably the best Thai meal I've had in years. Some of the more interesting dishes included a lemongrass salad of prawns, squid and pork with toasted coconut, a dish I first encountered with David in Singburi; cured fish and pork simmered in coconut cream; and pictured front-centre, a wonderfully spicy jungle curry of minced catfish with basil, green peppercorns, shredded white turmeric and grachai. In fact, I've been genuinely surprised (and equally delighted) by just how full-flavoured and spicy some of the dishes have been. David's also been experimenting with some more rustic, full-flavoured dishes such as sai ua, the northern-style grilled sausage, perhaps suggesting something of a departure from the refined Thai cuisine he's normally associated with.

Stay tuned for more details...