Christmas Dinner


No turkey, no fruitcake, no eggnog; this year's Christmas dinner was taken with friends at Paa Uap. Isaan food in plastic chairs by the side of the road--how less Christmas can you get?

Vongdeun ordered tam taeng, a dish identical som tam, but employing strips of crispy cucumber rather than the normal green papaya:


We ordered two.

Mr. B had a need for laap muu:


and I ordered yam naem, a salad of fermented pork with julienned ginger, peanuts and chilies:


But this is a freshwater fish restaurant, and the best dishes are of the piscine variety. We had tiny plaa nuea on deep-fried with copious garlic:


Which we ate bones and all. This was followed by plaa nin phao:


A Mekong River fish stuffed with lemongrass, coated with salt and grilled over coals. Delish.

And this being Christmas there was, of course, sticky rice:


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