Chinese Thai

Chinese cooking has had a very large impact on Thai cooking, and in many cases has become so intertwined with native dishes and ingredients that their Chinese origins are completely obscured. On the other hand, there are several restaurants that sell Chinese food more or less in its original unchanged form. An example of this is the place near my house that we went to the other day. I forgot the name, but it doesn't really matter, as you'll see below.

Khuat ordered khao naa pet, rice with roasted duck:

The roast duck, skin included, is served over rice with a duck gravy/soy sauce and side of vegetables. Looks pretty good but her verdict was extremely mediocre, no specific details given.

I ordered a few trays of dim sum:

Dim sum is a dish I really want to like, but I don't think I've ever really enjoyed it, even when I've had it in China (Macau). This restaurant's version was pretty standard for Thailand, i.e. unidentifiable orbs of meat encased in dough, except this was worse; the trays were only steamed for about 30 seconds leaving the dim sum somewhere between cold and room temperature. We ordered about five different kinds, but they really all tasted like the same combination of ground pork and shrimp. Ugh...

My final choice was kuaytiao pet, duck noodles:

Actually I don't know why I even ordered this one. I don't really care for the broth, which tends to be too sweet and is ruined by adding a bunch of Chinese herbs and spices.