Camembert by the Nam Lik

Christophe and local boatman enjoying French eats near the banks of the Nam Lik, Laos It wasn't all sticky rice and grilled meat for the last couple months. Setting out on a road trip to central Laos with my trusty driver Christophe (above, on the left), I picked up a grab bag of French goodies at Les Boutiques Scoubidou, Vientiane's best French deli:

Baguettes from Le Banneton, pastis, Camembert,  saucisson and pate, Laos

There was raw milk camembert, saucissson and liver pate. Both loaves of bread were from Le Banneton, Vientiane's best bakery. And because I was with Christophe, who is Lao but who spent most of his life in France, lots of pastis. All of this was enjoyed in a bamboo hut at the edge of the Nam Lik:

View of Nam Lik

The other gentlemen controls the cross-river ferry here, and in his youth was a revolutionary fighter, having fired his gun at American planes in Vieng Xai in the late 1960s. He ate more camembert than I expected.

In addition to being a fan of pastis, Christophe is also an excellent driver, speaks fluent French and decent English and knows Laos like the back of his van.

Christophe Kittirath +856 21-223 663, +856 20-550 4604

Les Boutiques Scoubidou Th Tha Deua +856 214 073 8am-9pm

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