Café Ou Mun

Tijelada, Portuguese egg pudding, Cafe Ou Mun, Macau I was originally drawn to Café Ou Mun, a tiny café in central Macau, for little more than an early morning galão (the Portuguese equivalent of a café au lait) and a pastry. But the quality of the food led me to make a few more visits, including one proper meal.

At first glance, the emphasis at Café Ou Mun is on sweets:

Desserts at Cafe Ou Mun, Macau

And not only do they look great, but they were some of the tastiest desserts I've encountered in a long time. My hands-down favourite was the sweet pictured at the top of this post, tijelada. Translated as Portuguese egg pudding, tijelada is a wonderfully eggy and barely-sweet pastry that I later tried to recreate at home with disastrous results (go here for an interesting video, narrated in Portuguese, about making tijeladas the traditional way).

However in addition to sweets, Café Ou Mun also serves a few prepared savoury snacks, including pastéis de bacalhau, the famous Portuguese salt cod croquettes:

Pastéis de bacalhau, codfish cakes, Cafe Ou Mun, Macau

not to mention an à la carte menu of traditional Portuguese dishes. Stopping by for dinner one night, we started with a salad-like appetizer of octopus:

Octopus salad, Cafe Ou Mun, Macau

served with olive oil and pickled minced onion. I ordered bacalhau à brás:

A dish of Bacalhau à brás, Cafe Ou Mun, Macau

salt cod (bacalhau) sauteed with shoestring potatoes, onions and egg. Café Ou Mun's version was a bit gloopy and heavy, but I've enjoyed the dish on previous occasions, and while in Macau picked up some bacalhau and plan to make the dish myself, following this recipe. And finally there was porco à Alentejana:

A dish of porco à Alentejana, Cafe Ou Mun, Macau

the famous dish of cubes of pork marinated in white wine before being braised with clams and served with deep-fried potatoes and parsley.

The main courses perhaps weren't as impressive as the phenomenal pastries, but Café Ou Mun is a great place for a snack or a simple meal. Wish we had a branch here in Bangkok...

Café Ou Mun 12 Travessa de São Domingos, Macau +853 2837 2207 8am-11pm Tues-Sun

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