Beach eats

An An eating som tam on Ko Samet What do you eat when you're on a Thai island with 11 former students? Food from the country's landlocked rural northeast, of course. Last weekend on Ko Samet this meant sticky rice, grilled chicken and many, many dishes of som tam (a salad of unripe papaya):

Som tam on Ko Samet

The food is sold from mobile vendors, also from the northeast, who prepare both the som tam and grilled chicken from mobile basket kitchens:

A som tam vendor on Ko Samet

At one point we ordered so much chicken that At had to lend a hand to the grilling process:

At lending a hand at grilling chicken, Ko Samet

It wasn't all northeastern food though. At a restaurant in Baan Phe we had a decent dish of puu phat phong karii, crab sauteed with egg and curry powder:

Crab sauteed with egg and curry powder, Ko Samet

and at a restaurant in Rayong, a nice yam of raw scallops:

A Thai-style salad of scallops, Rayong

There were some culinary lowpoints, however, such as An An's box of cream-filled Doraemon-shaped cookies:

An An with a cream-filled Doraemon cookie

Pics taken with my D100 (my beach camera) without any editing in Photoshop.