Back in the MHS. Again.

IMG_0558 I’m back north for my now-annual month in Mae Hong Son. The weather up here is cool and the leaves have changed colour, but foodwise, things aren’t quite the same this year. Pa Ni had eye surgery so her husband has been in charge of making the sweets. As a result, the suay thamin and alawaa are just slightly off. Pa Add is allegedly refurbishing her house and hasn’t been selling her amazing Tai Yai food at the evening market, and several visits to Baan Phleng have more miss than hit.

Luckily, there’s no lack of khao kan jin (pictured above), Mae Sri Bua is still cooking, and I've discovered a couple new places that I hope to share here. I also plan to share some local recipes that I reckon should be replicable just about anywhere. Stay tuned.