Aisa Rot Dee

IMG_0987 Hot on the trail of a better khao mok (biryani), I recently dropped by Aisa Rot Dee, a longstanding restaurant in Bangkok's Banglamphu neighbourhood.  I'd eaten here a couple times previously and was never blown away by the quality of the food, but with khao mok on my mind, felt compelled to return.

Unfortunately, little has changed -- at least from my perspective.

Tucked off the eastern end of Th Tani, Aisa takes the form of a Thai-Muslim food court:


serving the spectrum of classic Thai-Muslim dishes: satay, kuaytiaw kaeng and mataba:


the beef version of which was tasty and well done, and came with an interesting sweet/sour dipping sauce that, unusually, included slivers of ginger.

The khao mok kai (illustrated at the top of this post), though, lacked the dried spice complexity and richness of a truly stellar version. I liked the sweet/vinegary dipping sauce, though.

Aisa Rot Dee Th Tani, Bangkok 9am-11pm

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