A walk through Mae Hong Son's morning market

Shoppers at Mae Hong Son's morning market The morning market in Mae Hong Son is one of my favourite in Thailand. Despite being a rather small market, and the fact that I've spent quite a bit of time there, on each subsequent visit I always seem able to find some new ingredient or dish I wasn't previously aware of. This is partially due to the fact that Mae Hong Son is rather more seasonal than other places in Thailand. Much of what's on offer is dictated by the weather, which unfortunately during the rainy season is rather limited. I missed the bright red tomatoes and fern shoots of the cooler months, but was compensated by the variety weird edible insect larvae, tender edible fruit tree leaves and bamboo shoots of the rainy season. Year round there's always an odd selection of items from just across the border in Burma: calendars with Burmese pop stars, pickled tea leaves and packets of herbal medicines. And breakfast at the market is always one of the weirdest and most satisfying in the country.

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