9 Days in the Kingdom

I'm fortunate enough to be involved in a very, very, very cool project. Remember those A Day in the Life... photo books back in the '80's? Well, they're still doing them, and the latest one will be about Thailand. The project, called Thailand: 9 Days in the Kingdom, involves 50 of the most famous photographers in the world, people like Steve McCurry, Abbas, Mike Yamashita, Raghu Rai, Bruno Barbey, James Nachtwey et al. These guys (and gals) will be documenting life in Thailand for a period of nine days starting on January 16th. I'll be working as an assistant to Eric Valli, the French photographer who's probably most well known for the photos he took of honey hunters in Nepal. He and I will be going down to Ko Phi Phi, where back in 1990 Eric did an article for National Geographic documenting the workers who gather the valuable swift nests in the caves near this island. So basically, I'll be spending a week on a tropical beach helping out a world famous photographer. Could it get any better? Oh yeah, and there will be southern Thai food.