Uan Phochana

Making kuay jap at Naay Ek, a stall in Bangkok's Chinatown Kuay jap, a thick broth with deep-fried crispy pork, pork offal and thick noodles is not a dish I thought I would like. In general, I try to keep my meat consumption to a minium, and I like noodles well enough, but rarely crave them. However with kuay jap it's the broth that keeps drawing me back... The thick liquid is so laden with pepper that it's positively spicy.

Uan Phochana ('Fat Nutrition'--don't ask) is one of a couple very, very popular stalls in Bangkok's Chinatown selling this dish. Naay Uan ('Mr Fat', you sense a trend here?), just up the road, is probably more popular, but my latest discovery had a couple touches I really liked. There seems to be less emphasis on the offal at Uan Phochana (although it could be they just prepared it that way for the White Guy), the crispy pork could shatter a tooth, and the dish is served with tiny, crispy fingers of deep-fried dough:

A bowl of kuay jap at Naay Ek, a stall in Bangkok's Chinatown

But best of all, there's that pepper burn...

Uan Phochana (Google Maps link) Th Yaowarat 02 812 0640 6.30pm-4am