The Most Delicious Laap in the World/ลาบอร่อยท่ีสุดในโลก

DSC_2463-Edit I was driving along a rural road outside of Pai when I encountered the above sign. It says, "The Most Delicious Laap in the World, 1km."

Obviously I had to investigate.

Upon arriving, I realised that the claim wasn't just a ballsy boast; it appears to be the actual functioning name of the restaurant.

I ordered laap muu suk, northern-style cooked pork laap. It was a solid laap:


garlic-heavy, lots of dried spice flavour, and slightly 'wet'. But the best in the whole, entire world?

Nah. Not even the best laap in Pai.

But the restaurant is located in an attractive setting:


And it serves the mostly meaty repertoire you'd expect at northern Thai-style laap restaurant: grilled pork, kaeng om and steamed beef with a galangal dip.

The Most Delicious Laap in the World Wiang Nuea, Pai 10am-10pm

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