Tang Kuang Khi Hiang/ตั้งกวงคี่เฮียง

IMG_1075 Kun chiang (กุนเชียง) is a sweet, dried sausage of Chinese origin. I was never a fan of the stuff, finding it sweet in taste and waxy in texture, until I discovered Tang Kuang Khi Hiang, a shop in Bangkok's Chinatown.

The third-generation owners here claim to do a Hong Kong-style version of the sausage, which to me seems less sweet, slightly less fatty, and not waxy at all. The standard version is made from pork, but they also do a pork liver version and a duck version.

Kun chiang can be fried and used as a side along with Chinese-style kaeng karii, or as the owner suggested, fried and steamed with chicken and ginger. It's delicious when sliced and thrown into a pot of rice as it steams, or when fried with kai-lan and salt, a dish I had at Yung Kee in Hong Kong. Another popular use for the sausage in Thailand is khao phat kun chiang, rice fried with kun chiang, the video recipe for which can be seen here.

Tang Kuang Khi Hiang 352 Th Yaowarat, Bangkok 02 224 7065 9am-9pm

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