After all this time, I think I've begun to develop something of a sixth sense for finding good restaurants in Bangkok. It's reached the point where after a quick glance, I can usually tell if a place is worth entering. Take today's restaurant, Rosdee. Walking by one day, I think it was the cool swan logo (shown above) that initially caught my attention, but upon entering, the restaurant's uniformed and bow-tied waiters, geriatric Chinese-Thai customers and old-school atmosphere left no doubt in my mind that this meal was going to be good.

There was or suan:


Oysters fried with egg and a sticky batter. At lesser restaurants this dish is like a tasteless, gelatinous blob. Here it was rich with garlic and barely-cooked egg, not to mention fresh, plump oysters. The batter served to hold the ingredients together, rather than dominate. Excellent.

On a previous visit I had crispy pork served over rice:


The pork was perilously crispy, but tasty nonetheless. I was somewhat disappointed not to see the spicy/sour dipping sauce that usually accompanies this dish, but the side of pickled ginger was an interesting substitute.

I particularly enjoyed fish fried with black pepper:


The fish had been deep-fried beforehand and was slightly crispy, and was re-fried with an insane amount of ground pepper, onions, sliced chilies, onions and green onion. There was so much pepper I found myself in a warm, peppery stupor afterwards. This is a good thing.

This being food of Chinese origin, one must order stir-fried veggies such as poy leng:


a green leaf not unlike spinach, and khanaa, Chinese kale with oyster sauce:


Salty, garlicky and only slightly oily. Perfect.

I was right.

2357 Sukhumvit (corner of Soi 95/1)
02 331 1375