No-name khao phat pu; ข้าวผัดปูร้านไม่มีชื่อ

IMG_0006-Edit I've been on the road a lot lately -- Malaysia, Australia and Malaysia again -- and although the eating's been great, there are moments when I have missed Thai food. Luckily, during these brief stints at home I've come across a couple new places (new to me, at least) that have tided me over, and are worth sharing.

Khao phat pu (ข้าวผัดปู; fried rice with crab) and kraphoh plaa (กระเพาะปลา; a soup of fish bladder) are two dishes that are usually associated with touristy seafood palaces or flashy restaurants in Bangkok's Chinatown. As such, they can also be quite expensive, yet often, not that great. Luckily there's a cheap and tasty alternative on Th Tanao, an atmospheric street in old Bangkok with lots of low-key great eats.

The fried rice (pictured at the top of this post) at this no-name stall is slightly smokey and well-seasoned, and is packed with a generous amount of fresh crab. It's also not oily or clumpy, and at 60B (about US$2), is a steal. I'm usually not a fan of kraphoh plaa -- the somewhat slimy texture of the broth tends to put me off -- but the version here was rich and tasty, if a bit thin, and included lots of fresh crab. I wouldn't cross town for this dish alone, but for the both of them -- particularly if I've been away -- it's a no brainer.

No-Name Stall Cnr Th Tanao & Th Namchai, Bangkok 5-10pm

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