Khao Karii Nang Loeng/ข้าวกะหรี่นางเลิ้ง

DSC_9080 Kaeng karee (แกงกะหรี่) generally refers to a mild Chinese-style curry served with thin slices of tender pork or crunchy beef tendon. It's not nearly as complex or spicy as a typical Thai curry and is one of only a handful of Thai dishes that include bottled curry powder.

Ideal Map's Good Eats Rattanakosin map (see details here) led me to this open-air shophouse near Nang Loeng Market that turned out to do one of the better plates of kaeng karee I've come across in Bangkok.

The kaeng karee muu, pork curry (pictured above,) here is spicier than average, but as is the standard, comes served with slices of deep-fried kun chiang, Chinese-style pork sausage, a few slices of cucumber and sliced chilies.

They also do a similar satoo lin muu, a stew of pork tongue, served the same way.

For more places to eat kaeng karii, including a couple places that do the similarly-named but Muslim-influenced dish, check out this article I did for CNNGo.

Khao Karii Nang Loeng Th Suphaminit, Bangkok 02 282 3918 8am-2pm

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