I got a real job

Haha.. Just kidding. You don't think I'd go and do that, do you? However, if things go well I'm going to be regularly contributing food features and restaurant reviews to the Thursday food section of ThaiDay, the paper bundled with the International Herald Tribune. My first assignment looks to be a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred expose of Rotiboy, Bangkok's latest and strangest food craze. For the two or three of you who don't know, Rotiboy is a Malaysian chain that sells nondescript coffee-flavored buns. Actually I shouldn't say buns, as the Bangkok Rotiboy sells exactly ONE kind of bun. And against all logic this bun has become madly popular here. There are two hour waits. There are limits on the number of buns you can buy. It's total freaking madness over a simple pastry. Here's a line people waiting to buy Rotiboy buns on Silom:

Anyway, hopefully more on Rotiboy later, because as most of my reviews and articles for ThaiDay will concern food in Thailand, I'm thinking of asking the editor if it would be OK to cross-post them all here.