Hoy Thot Chao Ley

DSC_5904 Hoy thot, literally 'fried oysters', is one of the more emblematic Thai street hawker dishes. Consisting of mussels (or oysters) fried with egg in a batter of rice and mung bean flours, and served on a bed of soft bean sprouts, its simple, rustic nature lends itself to streets and stalls, and you'll rarely find the dish in any indoor restaurant.

Hoy Thot Chao Ley, a longstanding vendor of the dish on trendy Thanon Thong Lo, has compromised somewhat on hoy thot's streetside status. Located in a covered alleyway, the place almost gives the impression of being indoors, but in keeping with the dish's street origins, the hoy thot here is simple, tasty, crispy and satisfying. Admittedly, the dishes aren't rich or expertly-prepared as those of Nay Mong, but are better than most you'll find around town, and are worth checking out.

In addition hoy thot, pictured above, which incidentally they call hoy malaengphu thot krob ('crispy fried mussels'), they also do thaley thot krob (a seafood version that includes shrimp and squid), phat Thai, or suan (a soft oyster omelet) and or lua (crispy oyster omelet).

All of these dishes are prepared on a vast round skillet:


and are a lot less oily/greasy than you'd expect.

I'm heading up to Chiang Mai tonight and will be quiet for a few days, but hope to come back with some posts on northern food.

Hoy Thot Chao Ley Soi 55 (Thanon Thong Lo), Thanon Sukhumvit 085 128 3996 9am-9pm

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