Baan Wacharachai Part II


While in Ayuthaya we made a point of taking our friends to Baan Wacharachai, the restaurant we visited on our last trip. This place combines a wonderful atmosphere right on the river, outstanding Thai food, great service, and by Western standards, is very cheap--just about the perfect restaurant, I reckon!

We started with kapi khua, a 'dip' of shrimp paste sauteed with herbs and coconut milk:


The dish had a strong flavour of smoked fish and was pretty spicy--not something I thought everybody would like, but most people seemed to enjoy it.

There was a 'salad' of thin slices of grilled pork collar:


The pork was topped with a spicy/sour sauce similar to the Thai seafood dipping sauce, and was served with sides of tiny (but strong) cloves of garlic, slices of cucumber and tomato and garnished with mint. Delicious.

Tony ordered tom khaa:


the coconut milk and galangal soup that is usually made with chicken, but done here with large prawns.

Sophie ordered mixed veggies sauteed in oyster sauce:


I ordered kaeng liang:


and somebody ordered chu chi plaa nuea orn:


freshwater fish fried with curry paste. The curry sauce was tasty, but usually the fish is deep fried beforehand to make it crispy. Here fresh fish was used and Tony and I didn't much care for the texture.

There were a couple reruns from last time, including the spot-on yam thua phlu, wing bean salad:


and the sublime plaa chon phao, grilled/smoked snakehead fish:


served, as always, with three delicious dipping sauces. We ordered two of these, and hardly anything was left...

Baan Wacharachai
Wat Kasatrathirat
035 321 333