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Worth eating in Chiang Rai

Posted date:  May 5, 2011


Initially, I wasn’t too impressed by the restaurant spread in the northern city of Chiang Rai. But after several visits and an equal amount of days spent there, I eventually dug up a handful of good places to eat. So in addition to previously-mentioned restaurants Paa Suk and Lung Eed Locol Food, and the excellent coffee and Swedish pastries at BaanChvitMai, if you find yourself hungry and in Chiang Rai, I encourage you to consider the following:

Nam Ngiaw Pa Nuan:


which, in addition to a rich and delicious version of the eponymous northern Thai noodle dish, do an excellent som tam ponlamai (som tam made with mixed fruit) and a few tasty-looking Vietnamese dishes.

Nam Ngiaw Pa Nuan
Th Sanpanard, Chiang Rai

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Pa Yai,


a Muslim restaurant outside of the city centre, does what were possibly the tastiest roti I’ve encountered in a very long time: puffy, light and crispy, with virtually no oily sogginess. Pa Yai also does a deliciously rich and fragrant beef curry and a slightly watery kaeng karee kai, Muslim-style chicken curry. Definitely worth the trip.

Roti Pa Yai
Th Aladin, Chiang Rai
053 718 446
6-10am & 3-10pm

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is a longstanding restaurant that serves local-style food to Thai tourists. Not everything is great, and in general the restaurant serves a rather gentrified version of northern Thai food, but I like their kaeng hang lay (illustrated above), which is served with a generous amount of ginger and pickled garlic – both spicy, acidic foils to an otherwise rich and oily dish.

673/1 Th Thanalai, Chiang Rai
Lunch & dinner

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And finally, I really enjoyed Chiang Rai’s evening market:


which had some really tasty-looking northern-style eats. Unfortunately it was to-go only and I had neither plates nor silverware…

Cnr Th Uttarakit & Th Suk Sathit

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