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What is Carla eating?

Posted date:  August 21, 2007


No, it’s not blond hair rolled up in a napkin. In fact it is a sweet snack very much associated with Ayuthaya. Any guesses?

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I guess, it’s called “Roti Sai Mai”, but I have no idea why it’s related to Ayuthaya??

I know i know!! It’s sugarcane!!!!
I had it a month ago when i was in Ayutthaya.

They dye the sugarcane with colour (the one i had was pink) and it looks like hair and you wrap it in pandan flavoured rice paper. =) Yum!

It is sugar cane. I saw tons of it growing and being eaten when I lived in the Caribbean….too sweet for me!

Ayuthaya makes the best Rotti Sai Mai

Damn, you guys are good! In the future I’m going to have to make these more difficult…

It is in fact roti sai mai, and consists of spun sugar (sai mai-‘silk threads’) rolled up in a thin pancake (roti). The snack is considered a local specialty of Ayuthaya, and is typically sold by Muslim vendors.

I’d call it a nostalgic snack. I bet many Thais would do so. Because, Roti Saimai can normally be found around school area. And kids love it. I did as well.

That’s all I know and feel about it 🙂

Loads of that here in Phuket. I just found your blog and added a link into my template. Very nice blog indeed!

I had roti sai mai once in Ayuthaya and tried so hard to find it when we got back to Bangkok but could not find it. Does anyone know if there are any vendors who sell it in Bangkok and where they are located?

You can but it in a supermarket in BKK. It comes in a package…like 10 rotis or somrthing.

You need to roll it yourself, though.

Yum! I fell in love with the stuff when I went to Ayutthaya, and totally craved it when I came back to the US. Imagine my delight when I found it at Bhan Kanom Thai, a Thai bakery in L.A.’s Thaitown (off of Hobart St.). It’s made at a few bakeries in the area, but Bhan Kanom Thai makes the freshest, best-tasting roti sai mai. :9

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