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Posted date:  April 6, 2007
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I’ve been wanting to do a photo blog for a while, and finally, here it is. Actually setting up the blog was a matter of a few moments; the hard part was thinking of a name. The one I finally decided on actually comes from a Pogues song that happened to come on while I happened to be sitting trying to think of a name… I’ve been obsessed with the “street” photography of masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt, and thought the name reflected something of the nature of their work, as well as the essence of the images I hope to show here. These are going to be works in progress; the pics that I snap on the way to a job, or something I’m proud of that will probably never sell, but that I like nonetheless. My main inspiration for this concept has got to be David Alan Harvey. Despite being a Magnum photographer and filing a constant stream of stories with National Geographic, the guy still finds time to add to his own blog, At Home with David Alan Harvey.

At present she’s looking pretty sorry–I’ll get a custom banner and add some links hopefully sooner rather than later. For now I just wanted to get it up as soon as possible, as in a matter of hours I’m to leave for Stockholm, Sweden, then on to my home Oregon, and wanted a place to post images from both of these locations. For now I’ll start in my third “hometown” of Bangkok. I Happened to be down on Khao San Road, Bangkok’s famous backpacker district, the other night. I was just passing through, but quickly realized that this place warrants a full-scale photographic expedition, something I’ll certainly do when I come back in May.


After people watching for a while we stopped in at Brick Bar, a place where, oddly enough for Khao San Road, I was virtually the only white guy. We had come to see Teddy Ska, a Thai band that had been recommended.


The band was really fun (what other band in Bangkok has a violin soloist and a horn section?), and really got the crowd going:


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