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Welcome to my first mobile blog

Posted date:  September 5, 2006

As previously mentioned, I’m on the road, currently in the hopelessly beautiful province of Mae Hong Son. Using a computer that somebody told me is known as a “PC”, along with software that another kind soul described as “Internet Explorer”, I decided to stop by RealThai, only to discover that all the contents of my right-hand bar have rudely been dumped to the bottom of the page! First of all, why didn’t anybody tell me this earlier? And what can be done to correct this? Muchly appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, can you tell I’m a Mac user?

5 Comments for Welcome to my first mobile blog

My wife reads your blog and saw this.

The thing to make your sidebar work in “Internet Exploder” would to be to change your CSS with:

#main {
#sidebar {

not the “position:absolute;” in both sections and the “right:0;” in the sidebar section.

While this works both in IE and Firefox (our prefered browser and why she hadn’t noticed it before) you should test and see if the floating sidebar works the way you want.

Thank you, you are very kind! I usually use Firefox as well, that’s probably why I never noticed it before.

I’ll look into changing this after I get back!


In an earlier post you said you come from a town “just east of Portland, Or.” I’m curious which one it is. I come from Gresham. Thanks!

– Brad

Brad: Sandy, Oregon, baby–on the way up to Mt. Hood.


Oh that’s great! My girlfriend lives in Sandy. I can’t believe how much it’s changed over the years.

Hey, is there any post that talks about how you came about living in Thailand? I’m really curious. Thanks.

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