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Posted date:  February 22, 2008

 Rose apples

You’ve undoubtedly been re-directed here from RealThai, my former Thai food blog. Thai food fans don’t despair just yet–all my previous entries have been moved here, and I’m still living in Thailand and the bulk of my entries will continue to emphasize Thai eats. However, I’m doing a lot more traveling these days and wanted a more general forum from which I can share my food discoveries. I also like the idea of a ‘hub’ of my own work, and if you’ve got the time to explore the site a bit, you’ll also find a Photo Blog, my portfolio, as well as my Bio and a few examples of my published work.  Update your bookmarks and enjoy!

8 Comments for Welcome!

The new site is great! The crabs look awesome!

Austin – I love your new site. I have always loved your photography and having a hub like this is just awesome for my viewing pleasure. 🙂

your blog looks great and it’s very good that your photographs get more space now 🙂

The only thing I’m missing is your recipe list – I’d love to try out all the others after I’ve been hooked through your Phat Fai Daeng recipe, which I think is the perfect asian counterpart to the italian dreamteam spinach-garlic-chili and good olive oil. Would you mind re-adding the list? This would be wonderful!

i’ve been a fan of Real Thai , loved all the pictures…keep up the great work.

wow, the color of that jambu apple!

Austin, I love your new website. Looks great, keep up a good work. There is a Thai festival this weekend in Miami. Can’t wait for som tam, khou neiew, kai yang, & Singha.


I second the call for the recipe list…. I’d been making a couple of great things you prepared, and am missing one list as we speak! It would be great if you added it again, or pointed us to where the recipes live….

Much thanks for your excellent work,

Love the new site. Did you do the design?

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