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Posted date:  February 17, 2008

In Songkhla's old district.

This is my first post at my newly-redesigned website. I’m still learning how to post and use some of the new functions, so it’s something of work in progress. Once I get everything ironed out I’ll start publishing RealThai here and you’ll be able to check out all my blogs, as well as a portfolio of my work and samples of my published work, all at one convenient hub.

Until then, the pic above was taken in the old district of Songkhla, in southern Thailand. I’ll be posting more from southern Thailand, as well as other places I’ve been lately, soon.

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Hello and you’ve earned yet another fan of your photography and writing. You have definitely inspired my own photography as well as my intention to travel throughout lesser know destinations in Thailand. I’ll be there during the month of March! I can hardly wait.
Much continued success!


I just stumbled upon this site and I’m glad I did! I love candid photos and Thailand so it’s a good find for me.

Hi! Thank you for this blog. I have been enjoying it from the time we moved to Bangkok 6 weeks ago. Almost all your Bangkok city features are from Chinatown though. How about featuring our area of the city too? (east, near Sukhumvit) And Jatujak market next to the weekend market? Looking fwd to more entries from you. And yes, I have the Lonely Planet book.

Just love your work, check in you site every day. Your are really very good at your art. Dale left for Korea this morning.

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