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Posted date:  May 9, 2010

 A bowl of pork boat noodles at Urai, a restaurant in Sena District, Ayuthaya

Urai, a boat noodle restaurant in Ayuthaya’s Sena District, is part of a government-funded scheme called Thong Fah (‘Blue Flag’) that has established exceedingly cheap restaurants, often serving regional dishes, around the country (Mae Sri Bua in Mae Hong Son is another Thong Fah restaurant I’ve previously blogged about). I think a bowl of noodles here cost 15 baht (less than 50 cents).

Urai, a boat noodle restaurant in Sena District, Ayuthaya

As illustrated above, the broth at Urai is practically coffee-like, and is almost certainly the darkest and thickest I’ve encountered. Yet despite this, it was somewhat under-seasoned, and really need a few splashes of fish sauce and a generous scoop of dried chili. And in contrast to that of previously-mentioned boat noodle joint Jay Nit, the meat here is nothing special, having been simply flash-boiled. On the other hand, the noodles at Urai are served the traditional way, in tiny bowls:

Boat noodles at Urai, a restaurant in Sena District, Ayuthaya

I believe I ate four…

Urai is located in Sena district, about 15km west of Ayuthaya.  It’s the only boat noodle place in town, and is located right at the bus terminal.

Located at the bus terminal, Sena District, Ayuthaya

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Just as a matter of interest, what’s the cheapest bowl of noodles that you’ve seen? I don’t think I’ve seen any for less than about 25 cents.

This is about as cheap as it gets, although I seem to recall having seen 12 baht bowls, and I’m sure somebody’s selling a 10 baht bowl.

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