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Posted date:  April 7, 2007


Siam Paragon taken with the ultra-wide Nikon 10.5 f/2.8 DX.

I’ve always liked wide lenses, but with Nikon’s less-than-full-frame digital factor of 1.5 means that most wide lenses are never quite wide enough. Until now. Stick this digital-only fisheye on the Nikon D200 and you’ve yourself got the equivalent of a 16mm on a full-frame camera. I bought this lens mainly so I could do some insane-wide landscapes of Stockholm, but suspect it will provide endless hours of fun far into the future. After I get back to Bangkok I hope to obtain the DxO Optics Pro software to straighten out all those crazy lines. One can do the same thing in Photoshop, but apparently this program is quite sharp and easy to use. Anybody have any other software recs?

Detailed info and lots of example pics taken with this lens can be found here.

3 Comments for Ultra-freaking-wide

never imagined the mall can look like this…

great work!

Loving this shot!
can shop til i drop

hmmm..you’re interested to start a daily photo blog on BKK?

nice photo. i was once made to put my camera away at siam paragon, and i was just taking a picture of a toaster.

i was led to your blog by a friend and i enjoy reading it and seeing your photos. lots of fun. makes me miss the food in thailand.

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