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Posted date:  March 2, 2008

Recently the Dutch television programme The Taste of Life was in Bangkok. I took them around town for a day, and even feature in part of the show! Apparently the video can be seen here, but I’m on the road and have yet to find a connection fast enough to accommodate streaming video. If you’re blessed with amble bandwith take a look and let me know how silly I look.

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You look great! Nice to finally see the man behind the photos.
I think that you did a great job, you seemed very warm and relaxed. I can hardly wait to get to Thailand! My lead photographer has a couple of places (yoga retreat, hotels, etc.) booked for us to photograph and I will also make sure to have some time to visit the market you showed the tv host.

Keep up the great work!


I love your blog! I hope you weren’t the one who gave the host those recipe tips. (haha I’m sure you didn’t) He used a mortar to make the som tum juice but then he didn’t even pok pok the papaya/whatever other random fruits he put in there! 😛

Austin- great seeing the man behind the camera! Your knowledge of Bangkok really showed in the segment- hope to see you again… maybe on American TV next time?

nice job, austin! your segment was the highlight of the show, i thought : ) hope you’re enjoying the south. i was in the region in sept-oct and had an amazing time. so envious of all your adventures!

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