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Tuesday market

Posted date:  June 12, 2007


Every Saturday my neighborhood plays host to a gigantic talaat nat, or weekend market. I love this market and always look forward to it. Ironically, I always tend to forget that we also have a much smaller market every Tuesday afternoon. It’s probably only 1/4 the size of the Saturday market, but there’s still some interesting stuff, including fruit:


deep-fried fish:


and Thai sweets:


This girl was helping her dad sell crabs:


This stall sells northern Thai dishes:


Not the best, but good when you need a northern Thai fix. Much better were the southern Thai hor mok yaang, grilled curries:


They’re sold topped with crab meat, shrimp, fish or horseshoe crab eggs. A crab and a shrimp and a plate of rice formed my dinner.

I’m off to Cambodia tomorrow for a week where I’ll be working with Phil of Phenomenon on some articles. I won’t be posting, but you can expect some follow up posts here after I get back.

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I love the fruit in your first picture…they have the sweetest flesh possible. It’s sad because nowadays it’s very hard to get this in Malaysia. Certainly one of my favorite tropical fruits and I can’t even remember the last time I had them. 🙁

Welcome back to Thailand!n

Austin, in Guyana where I am from that fruit is called sugar-apple. It is so sweet and the colour inside is so rich.

Whats inside the sweets packet?

Hey Austin, reading your blog. Love the pics. And Rasa.my didn’t say, but the fruit is called a Custard Apple in Malaysia. It’s still available but not as widely so as when I was a kid. 😉

Oh, how I love hor mok!

Great blog and fabulous pictures! It is like visiting all the places you have been, a great advantage of blogging. Thanks for sharing your unique food perspective!

Your all picture are very well I like it.

beauty and professional photographic.

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I need to remind myself not to visit your blog before lunch! I am starving!!! Really nice pictures – I’ll be back for another look….

that fried fish. the photo is amazing. every line! you can see every one! you are so talented. i can’t thank you enough for sharing your food experiences and random happenings in Thailand! it’s such a treat to see your photographs. a momentary vacation really.

OMG Austin, I just love the custard apple or sugar apple. We used to have a tree back in Vietnam when I was little. I just love your blog, can’t wait to read more.
-Toni in Mpls

rasa: Personally I like how it looks–I’ve never really cared for the taste, or in particular the slightly gritty texture.

colin: Thanks!

cynthia: I think this fruit originates in South America?

steamykitchen: Not sure–forgot to ask! I’m not the best one to ask about Thai sweets.

allen et al: Thanks for reading!

stephanie: Have you tried this grilled kind? It’s my favourite.

deborah: Thanks muchly!

my favorites: I see on your profile that you live in Jorakhebua, Ladphrao–that’s where I am as well.

linda: Thank you!

Toni: Thanks, and please do come back.

ange: Thank you for letting me influence your appetite!

In the Caribbean, we call that fruit a sweet-sop:
… which differs from our version of the custard apple (cherimoya):
The prickly, not-so-sweet companion to the sweetsop, we call a sour-sop:
Living in SoCal, I miss tropical fruit dearly. All we get is apples, oranges, bananas, plums, and grapes. It gets boring. 🙁

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