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Thip Pramong

Posted date:  November 24, 2006


Thip pramong means something like “heavenly fishing” and is the name one of several seafood restaurants in the Khao Saam Muk area of Chonburi, about an hour east of Bangkok. Friends of ours, Nat and Pao:


had been there recently and liked it. So they invited us to go back on Friday.

We began with clams stir-fried with bai horaphaa, Thai basil:


Mighty good, and some mighty meaty clams. This was followed by plaa meuk neung manao, squid “steamed” with lime:


which, as you can see is not really “steamed” but simmered in a sour, sweet and spicy broth.

When eating Thai seafood, you must order khao phat puu, fried rice with crab:


Despite being such a boring dish, I really love this one and have to have it every time. They did a good one here, with huge chunks of crab and egg. A squeeze of lime and some phrik naam plaa (sliced chilies in fish sauce), and I’m happy.

There were also grilled scallops:


which were VERY well done, but it didn’t really matter, as the extremely spicy/sour dipping sauce they came with masked any scallop flavour. Made with a bit more care was deep-fried grouper with a mango-based sour dressing:


It’s a bit hard to tell by the pic, but the entire fish has been butterfly-cut, splayed open, battered and deep-fried. The mango dressing is served on the side.

However the Dish of the Day, at least for me and Nat, was puu phat phong karii, crab fried in curry powder:


Two fat, meaty crabs fried with onions, scallions and a rich sauce made from curry powder. Here’s Nat enjoying:


During dinner Pao asked me if this kind of food was expensive in the US. I told her it was, and that very few people could afford to eat like this, but couldn’t really give her an accurate estimate. Any ideas? Our meal came to just short of 2,000 baht (about $50), which is rather expensive by Thai standards. Regardless, everything was good, and the seafood was truly fresh, as evidenced by the nearby pier where it was unloaded from boats and taken directly to the restaurants:


While we were eating a boat arrived and some truly frightening looking horseshoe crabs and several buckets of fish were brought it.

As an added bonus, along the way back from Khao Saam Muk there are several roadside shops selling granite mortar and pestle sets. After some careful inspection, Nat and Pao picked one up for their new house:


Thip Pramong
Khao Saam Muk, Chonburi

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7 Comments for Thip Pramong

Only recently found this blog and enjoying it very much!

I don’t do much food blogging myself but was inspired to do this post last week:


I went with my girlfriend to her hometown, Sri Racha, and let her choose the place for each meal and do all the ordering. The above post was a place in Ao Udom where everything impressed me.

Hey Austin,

I looooove seafood and after reading your post and seeing your pictures…I will have to go there the next time I stop over in BKK. I haven’t had any satisfying seafood meals in BKK yet (despite a few attempts during previous trips) but this one looks rather promising. 🙂

This is such a gorgeous blog! Positively dreamy pictures too!

spike: Thanks. Sri Racha is the next town over from where we ate, and is also known for seafood. The stuff you ordered looks good–by the way, the “fried rice” dish is actually khao khluk kapi, and is described in the more recent entry called “Tha Chang Market”.

rasa malaysia: I loooooove seafood too. Keep in mind that this restaurant is outside of BKK (although not too far from the new airport). I’m sure there must be good seafood in BKK, but it’s generally rather expensive.

home cook: Thank you, you’re very kind. Please come back and bring all your friends!

I would guess that a meal like that in So Cal would be between $80 and $100 – though I doubt it would be quite as fresh 🙂

Austin – remember you are going to be my food guide the next time I land in BKK…:P

nikkipolani: That’s about what I was thinking. I imagine the service (in this case grumpy teenagers) would be better though!

rasa malaysia: Gladly! And when will that be?

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