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Things I like about Laos #1: khao jii

Posted date:  July 10, 2008

 Khao jii, Vietnamese/French-style baguette sandwiches, Vientiane, Laos

Yes, I realize these fantastically delicious baguette sandwiches are Vietnamese/French in origin, but they’re virtually nonexistent in Thailand and are one of the things I look forward to eating when in Laos. More Things I Like About Laos to follow…

7 Comments for Things I like about Laos #1: khao jii

These look delicious! What a great photo too! What kind of camera do you use?

Lao style Kaojii makes my mouth water 🙂

Stop it!

I’ll have one of those from local Vietnamese bakery this weekend. Nom!

Juiced: Ta. But to be honest, they looked better than they tasted… Nikon D300.

Samakom: Me too… I tend to like them even more than those in Vietnam (more veggies here!).

Hock: No.

‘Pong: Nice! In Sydney, right?

Oh yeah! khao jii pate!

how do these differ from banh mi?

i believe the vietnamese versions are smothered with mayo on one side, then pate on another. it is also seasoned with some fish sauce, and contains some radish and carrot pickles.

are these Lao versions similar?

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