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These are my most viewed pics…?

Posted date:  July 29, 2006

I’ve recently been posting all the images you see here at Flickr, as it gives me more control over the quality of the images. I really like the service and its functions, especially the one that allows one to see how many times an image has been viewed. It’s fun to see which pics people are interested in, and up to this point, the pic below is, for some reason, has been my most viewed image:


What is it that interests people about this photo? Is it the woman? Is it chicken? The juxtaposition of chicks and chicken? I think it might be the last one, as my second most viewed photo at the time of writing is this:



And before the above were added, my most viewed pic was this:


The missus’s friend eating a bowl of noodles (pork) in Sukhothai! Chicks and food! Now I know what people want, so don’t be surprised if you start to see more of this.

3 Comments for These are my most viewed pics…?

You would love the BKT in malaysia or singapore.. 🙂 you should try it sometime.. 🙂

Thanks for coming over on my blog, Austin.

I’m just starting out so I really liked what I saw on your blog. You’re very talented.

I like film too but, like you said, it’s just such a hassle.

I’m sure you’re going to love your D200!

most viewed, top ten, bestselling doesn´t mean necesarilly nothing. Keep on doing what you have been posting till now… we like it and we thank you for this.

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