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Khao khluk kapi at Ratana, a curry stall in Bangkok's Nang Loeng Market
Khao khluk kapi at Ratana, a curry stall in Bangkok’s Nang Loeng Market

is a series of food-related posts I’ll be contributing to CNNGo’s Bangkok pages. My first post is about khao khluk kapi, rice-based salad with origins in central Thailand.

8 Comments for The best Thai dish you’ve never heard of…

Gorgeous! Even though I can’t pronounce it, it looks fabulous.

It does look great, and if I ever saw this offered in a U.S. restaurant, I’d hop on it. The closest I’ve seen is the khao yam at Jitlada in Los Angeles.

I made this a while back, have a look đŸ™‚
you photo looks marvelous!


This is one of my favorite dishes. I miss it so much!

Un blog muy interesante, especialmente me ha cautivado esta receta, creo que no seré capaz de hacerla igual de bien, pero lo intentaré. Un abrazo.

Looks awesome, what all is in there? I recognize the rice, shallots, chili’s, moo warn (I think) and dried shrimp.

Looks delicious. Let’s grab one on old Phra Athit when you’re back!

That looks suspiciously like Belacan Fried Rice that we have here in Malaysia.

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