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Thai Charoen

Posted date:  December 18, 2007


Wandering about Bangkok’s Chinatown as I often do, I tend to pass by lots of good eats, usually immediately after I’ve finished eating. I always make a mental note to come back, but it’s not often that this happens.

A couple weeks ago I finally made it back a shop that I had noticed several times. Thai Charoen, a tiny family-run place along Thanon Charoen Krung, sells equal parts Thai (curries, spicy stir-fried dishes) and Chinese (stewed veggies, fried noodles), and dishes, such as the stuffed squid shown above, that seem to straddle both cuisines.

I had eggplant stir-fried with fish dumplings (another Thai-Chinese ‘fusion’ dish), and a bowl of jap chai, a Chinese vegetable stew.


Both excellent, and I would recommend stopping by. And on this note, I realize Bangkok is a big, confusing town, so from now on, I’m going to try to link all my restaurant writeups to Google Maps. Hope this helps!

Thai Charoen
454 Thanon Charoen Krung (Google Maps link)
02 221 2633

5 Comments for Thai Charoen

Goodness! Your photos always make me really hungry.

Excellent! Thank you. I briefly flirted with flickr photo maps. similar but not nearly as useful. Google maps/earth is certainly much better.

When I use Google Maps I’ve noticed that the map is entirely in Thai–is this the case the rest of you? If it is, I’ll look into changing it.


Austin, good idea of using the Google map. I’ll use it the next time I’m in Bangkok.

I do enjoy reading these. Next time I’m in BKK i’ll surely take some of your recommendations. Unfortunately I cannot read the Thai google maps. I stay often at Century Park Hotel on Ratchaprarop near Victory Monument but I couldn’t quite get my bearings …but I am sure i can find these places with some persistence! thank you.

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