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Tha Chang Market

Posted date:  November 26, 2006


Every evening at about 5, a small market unfolds at Tha Chaang, the boat pier just across from Wat Phra Kaew. I happened to be in the area, and just happened to be hungry, and so began with a dish called, if I remember correctly, khanom phak kaat:


This translates as “cabbage snack”, and since this dish has no cabbage, leads me to believe I might have misunderstood the name! It’s basically fried cubes of dough (probably from rice or tapioca flour):


and is very similar, athough not as good a dish I had in Penang called char kway kak. That dish had a wonderfully smoky wok hei; this was more like well, fried bits of bland dough.

It’s not a huge market, but you’ll find all kind of prepared food such as noodles:




khanom jeen:


as well as raw ingredients, such as overpriced fruit:


Seeing all this made me hungry so I had a plate of khao khluk kapi:


This is rice that has been cooked with kapi, shrimp paste, which is then supplemented with several different toppings:


including sliced shallots, sliced green beans, shredded green mango, sliced omelet, Chinese sausage, “sweet” pork and fresh chilies. Squeeze a lime over it and you have one of Thailand’s best dishes.

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3 Comments for Tha Chang Market

The picture of khanom phak kaat
looks like a version of “fried carrot/turnip/radish cake”,
a dish found in some Chinese eateries in Asia.
One of the cake’s ingredient is white radish/turnip–hence the name.
Carrot cake is usually sold deep-fried, without being stir-fried with other ingredients.
It can be found in traditional markets, dimsum restaurants
& coffee shops in Chinese-populated places.

i think chinese radish is accurate.. but carrot cake? sounds like sumthing from a farang bakery.. when were carrots brought over to thailand.. i wonder..

Khanom phak kaat is the right name. And yes, no pak kaat. No idea why. It’s radish cake, and the dish, I believe, is originally from China.

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