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Sup Hameed

Posted date:  March 5, 2012
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By day, Sup Hameed is a rather bleak nasi kandar restaurant (more on this type of Malaysian restaurant later). Come night, they set out tables and a cart with several huge pots of sup — rich, meat-based┬áMalaysian soups.

My favourite is sup kambing, goat soup (pictured above), but Hameed’s oxtail soup is also good. They also do a quail version, in which the whole birds are added to a bowl of broth. Regardless of the protein, other than some subtle dried spices, a bit of turmeric and a pinch of deep-fried crispy shallots, the predominate flavour here is meat. This contrasts with the Thai version of the dish — the nearest equivalent being the Thai-Muslim sup haang wua, oxtail soup — which is generally mouth-puckeringly sour, most likely the result of the Thai desire to pack every flavour possible into a dish.

The dish is served on its own or with a couple slices of white bread. If you need more flavours, try Sup Hamid’s teh halia, ginger tea: it’s sweet enough to be dessert.

Sup Hameed
48 Jalan Penang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

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