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Sor Naa Wang/ส.หน้าวัง

Posted date:  September 10, 2011


Mee phat krachet (หมี่ผัดกระเฉด) is a somewhat obscure dish that combines thin rice noodles, seafood and krachet, a type of crunchy aquatic vegetable. At Sor Naa Wang, a shophouse restaurant near Bangkok’s City Hall, the noodles are seasoned with plenty of garlic and fresh chili, and come from the wok with lots of delicious singed bits. The dish is served with a somewhat unusual tart/salty dipping sauce that combines sliced fresh chili, sliced shallots, fish sauce and lotsa lime.

They also do a reputedly tasty sukii haeng that I’m keen to investigate, as well as several other fried noodle dishes, but I’ve yet to work my way past this one.

Sor Naa Wang
156/2 Th Din Sor, Bangkok
02 622 1525

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This vegetable (water mimosa, “kanchait” in Khmer) is pretty common in Cambodia – as is a variation on that dish – but you tend not to see it at many restaurants because it’s annoying to process. I think that Cambodian people tend to write it off as something that poor people eat.

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Phil: It’s rather herblike, isnt it? I find it similar to cha om (English-language name unknown). Ideally only the youngest, tenderest shoots should be used, but few people bother to do this.

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