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Khao kai op (ข้าวไก่อบ; shown above) is a dish of slices of marinated chicken served over rice. Si Samorn Lert Rot, a restaurant just off Th Convent in Bangkok’s Silom area, claim to have been serving the dish for 50 years – an allegation seemingly backed up by their cool old-school sign:


“Op” literally means to bake, but when I asked about their oven, the woman preparing the dish at Si Samorn replied that the meat was in fact deep-fried. “I don’t know why they call it that,” she added. Regardless, the chicken is expertly “baked” in a wok of hot oil until tender and moist. It’s then sliced and served over rice and topped with a rich, oily and extremely garlicky sauce. It’s a simple, satisfying dish, and this is allegedly one of the more famous places in Bangkok to eat it.

The meat is also available over noodles. I had the pork – also deep-fried, and also well-seasoned and tender – with thin rice noodles and a dollop of the previously-mentioned sauce:


Good, but it didn’t quite come together as well as the rice version.

Highly recommended.

Si Samorn Lert Rot
Soi Phiphat 2, Bangkok
6.30am-3pm Mon-Sat

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4 Comments for Sisamorn Lert Rot/ศรีสมรเลิศรส

From time to time, I stumble upon this expression (part of restaurant names) “lert rot”. I wonder if it means something like “excellent taste”?

    Yes, it means “excellent taste(s) of [the] food”.

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